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Hi my name is Gracie Otto. I was advised not to do a biography as it wouldn't make sense as i like to do many things and sometimes people end up "confused". I went to a public school in Sydney and started off playing football in the Australian Indoor women's team and Softball for NSW.  I went to Sydney Film school when I was 17 and I moved to Paris after and worked in a bar for 5 euros an hour and learnt french by dating terrible men who didn't speak English and going out to nightclubs. I came back and acted in a feature film which I also edited that went to Toronto Film Festival amongst others. People were like wow you're an actress and an editor. But i thought no, i went to film school to be a director. I then moved to LA and gave up acting after 3 months because I was too impatient. A chance encounter in 2010 I met Michael White at the Cannes Film Festival and spent 3 years making a documentary on him which premiered at the London Film Festival and came out in cinemas in the UK, USA and Australia. it was nominated for an AACTA for Best Feature Documentary in Australia.  I started doing a lot of fashion films as well as exploring the world. People were like wow you're a documentary film maker. I was like maybe. 

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My father once said I looked like Grace Kelly and walked like John Wayne.


In 2015 I thought I should move to LA, and worked as Associate Producer on Nick Broomfield's "Whitney Can I be Me" as well as deciding to do Stand Up Comedy as an excuse for my twenties. (until my tax man said " then you realised it wasn't that funny" thank you shout out to Baydr at Entertaining Taxes)

This year I put everything into storage so i have one tiny padlock somewhere so I am back in Sydney making a documentary about my father Barry Otto. 

If you follow me on Instagram you are likely only to see videos of my Brown Burmese Bogart (I have another grey cat too called Bluebelle) We share a birthday. I am gemini, obviously. I also tried really hard to use punctuation but i think i failed, remember I'm a visual person - and I believe strongly in having pasta for dinner 5 days a week and if not being super fit using charm.

People ask me what do you do. Things. 






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