Gracie Otto is a director. She’s also quite funny, some would say hilarious.

Her area of expertise is definitely her ability to anticipate the very maximum number of potential outcomes of any one situation, which is good for story telling and scheduling, but mostly for dating and to be fair it’s not always ideal especially for coherent thought. 

She is interested in many different things. 

She has made short (ish) films for magazines with Selena Gomez, Elle Fanning, Miranda Kerr, Emilia Clarke (there’re others too) and all of these you can watch on this site if you click back or scroll up or just hover the mouse a over a different spot. She does other things too like makes documentaries and writes (MUCH better than this), on the whole she’s really very talented. But this website is just to show the short (ish) films so we keep the message tight. 

Also, you can go through her agent but if you want to talk to her directly, just pretend it’s about cats. She’s really into cats and after this you should probably look at her instagram and find a picture of her cat Bogart so you can tell her how beautiful she is. 


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